Run Little Vegan is going to Run a Little Marathon

I know I have been completely away from this blog for months now. Marathon weekend and Princess Weekend have come and gone. The medals were obtained. Pace? Awful. I suffered a serious upset last October at the Longcreek Plantation 10k in Columbia SC. In the last uphill mile, I felt a pain in my knee that has not left me since. It ruined my half training and I have been stuck on the couch since Princess.

I signed up for the WDW Marathon anyway, because I am a moron and want to get a Marathon under my belt before me and my fiance start a family. I started training on July 1st, in line with the Galloway plan on the RunDisney website. I have only missed maybe 2 training runs, never any of the weekend runs though. I must say, I am feeling better and feel *almost* like a runner again. My knee pain is not there during my runs, but I have not had to go over 4 miles yet.

I’m trying to take it as easy as I can and just get the miles done. If it takes me 7 hours to finish, that is fine by me. As long as I am able to walk and celebrate when it is over. In the mean time, I have a wedding approaching in October. (A week before Wine and Dine Half Marathon…not getting any ideas!!) The weight loss from running will be helpful! I’m going to try to use this blog again to track my progress with marathon training, and also doing other strength training. We’ll see!


Whoops!! I have a blog!

So hello out there! I am sorry I pretty much abandoned this blog. My training went out the window with IT band syndrome plaguing me for my entire training period for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon! Next weekend is Princess and I am feeling much more confident! My IT band is doing a lot better and I am ready to really give it a try!

I ended up walking most of the time for both the 10k and half, with no structure. Just running when I felt like running. The only good thing I can say is that recovery was VERY quick, and walking around the parks after the races definitely helped! I was all ready and feeling great the morning of the full marathon for my volunteer duties!

I am not going to lie and promise a review of the weekend, since it is now over a month gone. But I will hope to have a report of Princess! Good luck to everyone running, new and veterans!!

Give Kids the World’s Gingerbread Run 5k


This race holds a special place in my heart, since it was what got me started with all this running business, one year ago. Give Kids the World Village is a resort in Kissimmee Florida that plays host to all the children with life threatening illnesses whose wish it is to have a trip of a lifetime to the Orlando area. Every year I would raise money for GKTW on Facebook using their causes app for Birthday Wishes. That is, until I saw I could raise money a more fun way, by running their annual 5k! I started my training on September 1st last year, my first foray into running, using the Couch to 5k app. I had a friend train with me and while working out with friends can be fun, I found that the time I spent alone running was rather enjoyable, as was the race!

The atmosphere of this race is unbeatable to me. You’re in the heart of Give Kids the World Village, a whimsical place with all kinds of fun characters such as a rabbit who plays the Mayor and a Gingerbread man whom the race is themed after. You run past a giant playground themed after the board game Candyland, with two candyland princesses handing out CANDY as you run by! Everyone is just so happy to be there, but to me, the best part is running past all the families who come out of their villas in the wee hours of the morning to cheer on the runners! This year I dressed up as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony and the looks on the faces of some of the children who saw me were PRICELESS!!

Although I did run into some issues with my actual running during this race. I was plagued with HORRIBLE knee pain by mile 1, that just got worse and worse as I went on. And this pain was not even in my “bad leg” that ruined my ToT training for me, that leg is perfectly fine now! All signs lead to the dreaded ITBS! Ugh. But anyway.

My time was a little over 37 minutes, not my best but hey, bum leg! At the finish, this year they gave really cute medals and the always lovely home made gingerbread man cookies, and swag bag courtesy of Aarons. They also have tents set up with TONS of free food. Bananas, bagels, muffins, juice, cookies, doughnuts. So much stuff!!

My favorite thing to do though post race is go check out the Castle of Miracles. Inside this building is where they keep a star on the ceiling for every child who has stayed there, and it is a humble reminder of why I run and why I raise money for Give Kids the World every year. Later that day I came back and volunteered inside the Castle, working in their My Little Pony spa, which was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I cannot wait to go back and really hope I get to run Gingerbread again next year!


The Tower of Terror Ten Miler!

Sorry for the radio silence! The weeks since the race have just flown by, and I’ll be going back down to Orlando for the Give Kids the World Gingerbread Run 5k in just 1 week! So Tower of Terror has come and gone, everything I trained so hard for was completely worth it. The weather was better than I expected, the runners were awesome, and the vibe was so great! I finished in 2:34:36, which included a few lines for characters so all in all I don’t think I did too terribly.

Image When I was Jack and Sally were doing photos, I had to run aaallllll the way across the highway and cut off a bunch of people, WHOOPS. It was definitely the biggest and best surprise to me! The line was the longest one I waited in, probably 12 minutes. Which feels like like a lifetime when you watch hundreds of runners scurry past you. I kept seeing characters I wanted to meet and telling myself “this is the last time I’m stopping” The only one I really regret not stopping for was the Hyenas from Lion King!! One of my all time favorite movies growing up! The first 5 or 6 miles seemed to drag on forever, lots of highway. It went a bit faster once inside wide World of Sports, and running around the track and the ball field was pretty neat. Although some places inside WWOS were a bit of a tight squeeze, especially the dirt road. Me an nearly everyone around we walked the entire length of it, which felt like it wen on forever. The best part was they had some misters going right outside the trail, which felt really great. I wouldn’t say it was horribly, unbearably hot, but it was pretty sweaty.

IMG_0224Pretty much waited 20 seconds to meet the Big Bad Wolf, he was around Mile 7. I feel like everything after this went by pretty quickly. The time actually spent inside Hollywood Studios is pretty minimal. You run through Lights, Motors, Action, and down New York Street. You pass the hat and go through Pixar Place, then its on to more backstage areas. Running through the tunnel that the tram goes through for the Backlot Tour was probably my favorite part. I wish I wasn’t in such a hurry and could take a better look inside the windows to the prop and costume houses! The finish line to this race REALLY creeps up on you. You turn a corner and there it is, about 100 meters away. I was really excited to give Bellhop Goofy a high five at the end. I was sort of confused as to why it wasn’t Bellhop Stitch since he was printed on the Medal and all the merchandise. But I like Goofy better anyway! I wont lie, I teared up when I crossed that finish line and had that medal put around my neck. All the long runs and the pain I had been in the weeks before the race were completely worth it in the end.

IMG_0252I could not WAIT to take off all those sweaty gross clothes though, packing a dry set of clothing and BABY WIPES was the best idea ever. I threw all the gross wet stuff into a target bag and stuffed it into a drawstring backpack, and had no problems carrying it around the park and riding a few rides with it. I  stayed at the after party until about 3:00am. The lines for the rides were a bit crazy, I only really was able to do Rock N Roller coaster thanks to the single rider line! And no…I did not ride the tower, it is actually the only ride in Disney that I do not like! And I ran a race centered around it! Go figure. Parading around for the next two days with that medal around my neck was a lot of fun too, haha! I loved giving high fives around the park to others I saw with them on. This is why I love running Disney races, the feeling of accomplishment just feels so much more alive in me. I ran a 10k this morning to use as my corral time for the WDW half and Princess half, since my ToT time ran a lot longer than I expected. The feeling of accomplishment is hard to keep around when you cross a finish line, eat a banana, and get in your car and drive back home! Not that I am not proud of the things I do, but that special feeling of getting that medal around your neck and having lots of happy volunteers cheering for you on the sidelines just cannot be beat in Disney! I am considering my 10k this morning as the start of my half training. My leg is completely healed and I am ready for it!!

One Week…

One week until I I drive to Florida for the race I spent my entire summer training for. Sweaty, wet, runs that I dreaded going on. Humidity that made me feel like I was swimming. All of that feels for nothing as I have spent the last month on the couch, wishing my leg would stop hurting. Every time I think it is better, it’s all a lie. I try to do some kind of activity and the pain returns. I guess I will be walking ten miles! And instead of starting my half marathon training, I will finally go to the doctor.

I just want my medal.


I got a lot of nerve

…thinking I wouldn’t get injured during training for my first big race. The sad part is, I don’t think running is even what hurt me, I definitely think it happened during a gym workout. My right quad has definitely been pushed past its limits and has not been feeling good for well over a week now. I did not run once last week and now this week I am supposed to be running a 10 miler on saturday. I am thinkin of going off the official training plan and doing 2 miles this week, 4 next week, 6, 8 then it will be time for the 10 mile race. I know I can do 10 miles. I felt so good and had such confidence during my 9 mile run that I can definitely finish this and finish feeling great. If only this pain in my leg can go away!!

Need to invest in a heating pad…

Say Hello to Hollywood…studios that is!

Tonight was the big 9 mile run…just a mile away from the Tower of Terror! It’s getting so close, the training is almost over. The HEAT is gone and the practice runs are finally tolerable.

I had a rough workout at the gym last week and on monday, and I pulled a muscle in my leg pretty badly. I was off it from wednesday on, so I missed two gym classes and my thursday night run. But I feel like this rest was really needed. I have been burning the candle at both ends all summer with my training, by working out 7 days a week and only missing about 3 runs altogether! Thankfully I was feeling much better by today

Until I started running, the second my timer beeped and my warm up was over, I felt the soreness in my thigh, running down the front, to my knee. It was completely tolerable though, no wincing. Just sore. Not painful. I was able to keep almost all of my splits under 12 minutes except for the last two miles. mile 8 was 12:20 and mile 9 was EXACTLY 12! Not bad, compared to my 8 mile run two weeks ago. I finished 2 minutes ahead of my predicted finish time, and feeling pretty good! Well, except my arm holes on my tank top were weighed down with sweat and I started chafing on my both of my arms, ack! Still, it felt like a victory.

dare I say…I enjoyed my 9 mile run?!