Run Little Vegan is going to Run a Little Marathon

I know I have been completely away from this blog for months now. Marathon weekend and Princess Weekend have come and gone. The medals were obtained. Pace? Awful. I suffered a serious upset last October at the Longcreek Plantation 10k in Columbia SC. In the last uphill mile, I felt a pain in my knee […]

I got a lot of nerve

…thinking I wouldn’t get injured during training for my first big race. The sad part is, I don’t think running is even what hurt me, I definitely think it happened during a gym workout. My right quad has definitely been pushed past its limits and has not been feeling good for well over a week […]

Headin’ Out!

I’m about to head out for my Thursday night maintenance run! The nights are finally cooling down a wee bit here, making running slightly more bearable! I actually took the night off last Thursday, was starting to feel a little burnt out on training, and my gym workouts were aching me all over. Sometimes you […]