Run Little Vegan is going to Run a Little Marathon

I know I have been completely away from this blog for months now. Marathon weekend and Princess Weekend have come and gone. The medals were obtained. Pace? Awful. I suffered a serious upset last October at the Longcreek Plantation 10k in Columbia SC. In the last uphill mile, I felt a pain in my knee […]

Whoops!! I have a blog!

So hello out there! I am sorry I pretty much abandoned this blog. My training went out the window with IT band syndrome plaguing me for my entire training period for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon! Next weekend is Princess and I am feeling much more confident! My IT band is doing a lot […]

Give Kids the World’s Gingerbread Run 5k

This race holds a special place in my heart, since it was what got me started with all this running business, one year ago. Give Kids the World Village is a resort in Kissimmee Florida that plays host to all the children with life threatening illnesses whose wish it is to have a trip of […]

The Tower of Terror Ten Miler!

Sorry for the radio silence! The weeks since the race have just flown by, and I’ll be going back down to Orlando for the Give Kids the World Gingerbread Run 5k in just 1 week! So Tower of Terror has come and gone, everything I trained so hard for was completely worth it. The weather […]

I got a lot of nerve

…thinking I wouldn’t get injured during training for my first big race. The sad part is, I don’t think running is even what hurt me, I definitely think it happened during a gym workout. My right quad has definitely been pushed past its limits and has not been feeling good for well over a week […]

Say Hello to Hollywood…studios that is!

Tonight was the big 9 mile run…just a mile away from the Tower of Terror! It’s getting so close, the training is almost over. The HEAT is gone and the practice runs are finally tolerable. I had a rough workout at the gym last week and on monday, and I pulled a muscle in my […]